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“I first started to embrace spirituality to attain the body and life I wish I had. Now my practices exist to feel empowered within the body and life I already possess.”

As a teacher and facilitator, my priority isn’t to get you excited about me or my work, but for you to be excited about you. To help you experience the prosperity of your integrity, fearlessness, and truth so that you can serve your heart, your relationships, your authenticity, and your life’s mission, in the most elevated and empowered way possible.

What you can expect from working with me: Expect the unexpected. You will learn how to direct your energy in the most potent way possible, and how to show up for yourself with sensitivity and strength. Expect to explore your blindspots, and gain deeper awareness of how your mind operates and how the body responds. How your humanness and struggle and heart are all an asset to your growth and success.

I am a creator, an artist, a teacher, and a leader by example, trial, and error. I continue to learn that there is power in feeling and expressing myself, and I have always been passionate about creating experiences that lead people on a journey of discovery and unfolding.