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I woke up this morning the way I have…well, maybe always. “What am I forgetting”? Did I miss a phone call, a meeting? What day is it? Am I late? At least the sound of an alarm let’s you know you have a purpose to wake up, but it’s almost even more disconcerting to just wake up on your own.


I stopped and thought to myself finally.

I lay there for a few moments meditating on the stillness before being startled by Louie collapsing on his side as he began to have a seizure. I’ve actually grown accustomed to this. Him being out of control, me not being able to do anything but be there with him. The perfection of just being with something you can’t change.

As he returned to normal I got up to take my cold shower and do my morning practice less consumed by the notion I needed to push anything away, and soaking in the ability be with everything that comes.

How did you wake up this morning? What was your first thought?