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I’d like this 30 day investigation to be over. Not because I’m bored or failing, but because I think I’ve had such profound moments come out of my inquiries that I feel like I’m up against myself to out perform myself every day. Every day perfect doesn’t just look to be status quo, but perfect has to be more perfect.

It’s like the economy, it has to be growing. Things have to become bigger, more, feeding this hungry ghost that’s never full. How can you win a race against yourself? It’s not a race really, it’s becomes a war against the moment at hand. You’re not you unless you’re more you than you were the day before?

The universe is expanding, but it’s so big we can’t even begin to understand what that means. When something is that vast who cares about its size. It matters that it’s continuing to expand, but it’s not adding value to itself, it’s just a natural part of its existence. Imagine if you thought of yourself as that vast. You are expanding but that doesn’t define you. It doesn’t make you more you, or better you. It’s just an innate quality to your existence that’s there regardless of what you achieve. Perfect yesterday, perfect today, perfect tomorrow.