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Full disclosure: I have spent each of the last 14 days watching how many people like my posts, comment on what I had to say, were impacted by my words.

How have I been doing? Is it good enough yet? What picture gets people’s attention? Is there progress or impact outside of my own personal experience? What makes this whole 30 day inquiry perfect?

We can measure, we can analyze, and we can predict data, but we can’t measure, analyze, or predict how we’re going to feel, what we’re actually going to gain. What our soul is actually going to experience.

“You must stop being transactory in order to be resurrectory”. – YB

In other words, if you are only doing something to get something specific in exchange, you will be so consumed by whether or not you get that thing, your soul will never be open to experiencing and receiving what is actually happening and what there is to behold.