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While I think I do deeply know myself, I have to remind myself that I don’t know anything about anyone else. I think I do, but I really can’t. The only thing I can really see clearly in someone else is the only thing they can’t see about themselves, their face. How messed up is that.

You’ve literally never seen your own face the way it really is. You’ve actually only seen the exact opposite, the mirror reflection, or a picture, a reverse of a reverse. Everything else you know about yourself is completely intuited by other tools and resources. And even that, as private and intimate as it is, relies entirely upon interacting with the world around you to understand anything more about yourself.

So what the hell is perfection? We’re all dependent upon our interactions to guide us. That’s why yoga is helpful. It’s personal stimulus provided by yourself to understand yourself, inquire about all the weird little ways you do things, hidden strengths, and agendas.

Actual life is so much harder. Communication is hard. Relating is hard. Understanding is hard. If we knew how little of the big picture we actually had, we’d probably just give up because we’re already so overwhelmed. Give yourself a break. You can’t even see your own face for what it is. Embrace the fact that you can see the one thing about people they can’t see for themselves. Are you really going to judge them or yourself for it? Perfection is not the answer.