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I swear I’m not behaving differently just to have something to write about.
I woke up this morning, well, I’m not sure I ever went to sleep. I decided to try and spend the night at my yoga studio because I had a fast turn around. I don’t recommend sleeping in your workspace. Especially if your workspace is a sanctuary for “waking up”.

The perfection of bathing in the curated vibration of mantras playing, the need for rest, but the busyness of my mind trolling around all the things I need to do and be. “I can’t sleep so what should I do? I can’t sleep so what should I think about”?

Feel the breeze from the perfect fans I couldn’t live without having in the space. Listen to the beautiful, sweet Singh Kaur chanting, helping me to release subconscious blocks.

I am desiring but unattached, unsettled but calm, annoyed but surrendered to exploring the perfection.