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The world really is set up like a video game. Can’t help but play, because, well, we’re all of the world. The hoops we have to jump through. The amount of things that need to be checked off or stamped, or in place in order to be deemed as “ok”, to maintain status or health or audience, can make me feel very overwhelmed. Jut to feel like I can get to the “next level”. Sometimes it feels like I’m fighting for people’s attention. Friends, family, clients, social media posts, restaurant servers, employees.

There’s so many things vying for our attention. News, spam, Spectrum Cable Junkmail, Political Candidates, sales calls, texts, plans. It’s hard not to stay confused.

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of feeling your self worth is derived from what has given you its attention. Also, by what rewards you for giving it your attention. The consequence is that you give away your self worth. It becomes measured rather than self initiated. It become commodified and you sell it to the lowest buyer.

There is so substitute for self acceptance. There is no substitute for Self acceptance.
There is no substitute for SELF acceptance.