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Is there such thing a workable perfection? There’s a way to dive into experiences with the reverence to challenge and redefine what you actually want and know. How can you learn anything if you think you k ow everything?

I had a type of conversation today that I’ve never had to have before. To me, perfect actually wasn’t just for someone to be agreeable to what I was saying, but for me to listen to what they had to say in response allow their questions to help me become more clear about what I actually mean, and what I needed to communicate.

My ideas of perfect at the end of the conversation became different than my ideas at the start. Being open to receive and grow and allow the situation to be a lesson lead me to have a much more evolved sense of what perfect might look like.

Where have your outdated ideas left you settling for something you didn’t want? Left you unable to ask for something more.

Ardas Bhaee, a mantra for when you don’t even know what to ask for.