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Competition. There’s always something going on right now that’s “the thing”. The latest and greatest. As an innovator, an artist, a creator, a space holder, a human with potential of any kind; If you’re trying to be ahead of that “thing”, you’re still a part of it, because you’re in competition with it. Trying to take people’s attention away from what that is takes up a lot of energy and resources, and ultimately diminishes your own truth and potency.

Are you trying to improve what is already, or is what you’re doing completely different than that? You have to know the difference.

It’s hard to stay within your own truth because we are constantly being asked to subscribe to the current zeitgeist. That’s what is currently winning, and the more things out there that fall short of what that is makes them look even better. It makes them try harder and ultimately benefits them, not you.

Competition isn’t bad, it can make you better at what you’re doing and challenge you in profound ways. But be careful what you decide to be in competition with. You might be playing a game that has rules that only benefit the person who created it. You might find yourself playing a game you didn’t intend to. All of the sudden you’ve entered yourself into a bicycle race when you’re a swimmer all because you wanted to compete with the thing in front of you to give you validation.

Winning feels great. The validation of meeting expectations, however this does not necessarily serve your own truth.

SAT NAM- the truth of your identity is what exists within you free from outside conditions. There’s no competition, there’s just the perfection of you.