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There are many different uses for the word perfect. My project was perfect, the movie was perfect, my day was perfect.

There’s a difference between perfection and convenience. Your standards might be there because it’s a discerning way of approaching a task or challenge, but can also be just a lazy way of dealing with reality. For whatever reason, this pose was really easy for me to do. Does that make it perfect? I actually got very little out of doing it.

When I ask myself what a perfect vacation looks like, or a perfect yoga class is, what I’m really judging is if anything challenging happened. Perfect in that case isn’t a high standard, it’s my ego not wanting to be confronted with having to adjust expectations. Not having to change my mind about anything. Does everything agree with me.

What’s a perfect argument? One that doesn’t happen? What a perfect day? One where everything goes YOUR way? What’s a perfect storm? One that happens while you’re shielded from it’s path?

Does perfect mean you have to like it? Do you have to agree with it? No. It means it’s worthy to exist. Everything is. Whether to be admired, accepted, healed. Or to help us become stronger, more resilient, more patient, more compassionate.