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I posted a kind picture yesterday that I almost never do. When it comes to my physical yoga practice, it means very little to me to receive accolades or approval for anything my body is or isn’t capable of. While this picture got the most attention, it’s the one I care the least about. The one that has the least to do with my challenges, insight, or pride.

How often do we forget to recognize the parts of us that really are perfect? It’s so easy for us that we don’t think twice about it.

How often do you find yourself becoming frustrated with people for not doing things that come easily to you? The thing that you’re actually here to be an example of. Not through trying to fix others or tell them about them. Recognize it as your super power. Maybe others might benefit from knowing you.

It’s hard to remember we’re all teachers. We’re all examples. Some people don’t know how to be punctual, or polite, or organized. Some people don’t even know how to not kill. This life is the perfect place to learn how to learn. Our judgment of that struggle doesn’t help, only our support.