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I was talking to someone who in trying to express care for me, spoke about my situation based on their own stories of fear and perfection. Something was wrong because it wasn’t the way they thought it should be.

The bait was almost taken, but I was glad I didn’t let their story affect my outlook. Especially because I don’t view the situation as perfect either, It was challenging to not let someone whom I trust cloud my perception.

It’s difficult to show your care or concern for someone else without letting your own ideals get in the way of their experience.

If we feel like we have to “fix” someone or something, it means our story won’t let us recognize it as perfect.

How can you help? Ask someone how they feel about their situation before telling them how you feel about it. And most importantly, regardless of who it comes from, ask yourself if someone else’s version of your story is helping you to see things more clearly, or convince you your house is on fire simply because they can see what you’re cooking