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I think perfection also has to do with not wanting to let go. When I’m stuck on things having to be a certain way it’s usually because I’m scared of having to deal with what’s next.

When you’re grappling with perfection it means that you might be nearing the end of something and it’s easier to keep trying to control and adjust the thing that you’ve been trying to manage rather than stepping into the unknown. Uncharted territory is way scarier.

To move into the wild again means having to go into an experience not knowing how it will relate to your past. How you will expand, what the new challenges will be. Maybe even a fear of repeating the past.

What you need to let go of in order to move forward sometimes isn’t made known until you find yourself looking back and thinking you’re not done.

Are you pretending you didn’t learn the lesson? Finish the task? Win the award? Have the conversation? Forgive the person? Move forward into new challenges with the confidence that you are ready.