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This white square was an actual picture I took. Why is it white and the actual image I was trying to capture not there? I have no idea. What actually is there? I have no idea. Space? Time? I took these two pictures within seconds of each other.

Some days are profound. Some are boring. Some weeks you nail it. Some are arduous.

Are we here to compete? I don’t know. At the Picasso museum in Paris there are some pieces that aren’t worth a second look. They’re still Picasso.

If you eat an avocado one day late it can be a nightmare. Luckily we get to explore our ripeness on a daily basis. Some days the light hits us in a way that makes everything we touch shine. Some days we just need more time. We need fruit to not all be ripe on the same day. We have to abide by the laws of time and space.l but not judge ourselves by it.