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Sometimes I wake up and in place of the storm there’s a soft breeze. In place of the stress there’s a sense of space. Sure, my mind does several rounds of investigation to make sure it didn’t miss anything, but it’s nice when there’s the moment when I can tell myself, “Hey, let this moment feel as peaceful as it is”.

I don’t have to grasp, or analyze, or bargain, but can really feel that for a second things are as perfect as they can be. It’s nice when accidents turn into blessings because I was open to changing my perspective.

The truth is I think we get so worried about what someone else is going to do, or what is going to happen, that we forget that none of that matters. What’s important is that we’re prepared to meet the moment. That we will do the next, best thing for the moment at hand. Then it doesn’t matter what’s happening. Our response can come from a place of strength and confidence that we were ready to accept what’s there, rather than resist the notion that it exists.