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Most of us are fairly comfortable with asking for things to come to us, or wishing for things to come together in a way that pleases us. To clean ourselves up and allow those obstacles which stand in the way of the “having” to be lifted and to receive is challenging, yet logical. We are a society that values work, production, productivity, completion. And while all of those things are quite important to the collective, if we look at it in terms of evolution, completion is death. Things can only come together for so long before becoming outdated, worn out or unusable.

While it’s true we have become a culture comfortable with disposable goods, which seems wasteful and uncaring, there is also a metaphor to be seen here in terms of allowing the flow of what has come together to be tossed back in the fire to become something much greater. In no other time in history have so many values of society been broken apart and reevaluated. We are being asked to let go of what was, what came together, the ideals that seemed to keep us strong. While we see our grandparents still with that same avocado green wall phone they’ve had for 65 years, we have no problem throwing out a $600 cell phone every 2 years for what’s new.

Perhaps a bit extreme, a different way too view this upheaval is to see that the universe is teaching us on every level to create the neural pathways needed to let go. There is no such thing as permanence. While that might seem unsettling, it’s wonderful. It means not that we will just continue to have things, but that they will come apart and be rearranged into something even more beautiful and empowering. Hold space for it all.

Whenever I passed a group of Hare Krishnas chanting the mantra “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna , Hare Hare…..” I thought that they were just singing about worshipping some deity. But what is at the heart of the mantra is this deep truth: Hare and Krishna are the two aspects of divine love, “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna”, they come together. “Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare”, they come apart. This is the balance, this is the dance of life.