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Yoga Tailored to You

Working one-on-one with me will provide you with an entire practice dedicated to what you need to create balance, strength, and integrity. By learning how to navigate your patterns and habits you will experience a deeper understanding of how yoga can give you the tools to become more vibrant, creative, and healthy. Support the healing of injuries, decrease stress, and create mental and physical space for deep relaxation.

Because I utilize many different tools to help you, each session may be unique to what you need in real-time. There are many different ways to address the same thing.

Things to expect:

  • 5-ish Minute consultation at the start of each session
  • Communication and feedback during your practice
  • Questions to facilitate a deeper understanding of what your own body is asking of you
  • Time to process expectations and provide resources to feel more spaciously embodied
  • Some corny jokes
  • Time for reflection at the end to access what worked most and how to integrate

Additional Resources

  • have a daily home practice crafted for you
  • energy work (Reiki)
  • solutions for chronic conditions

Let’s Work Together!

For one-on-one sessions please complete this form