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Healing the Conflict of the Self

a 22 part on demand series of insight and meditation techniques

It is no mystery that fear can be a challenging emotion to endure. But there are so many questions to be asked around our experience of it: Is it your fear? Have you taken it on from someone or something else? Is it affecting your health? Does it compromise your ability to think clearly? Is someone benefiting from you being in a fear state?

What is the difference between feeling fearful, and being caught in a fear state?

Being caught in a fear state compromises your ability to think and act rationally, and keeps you in fight/ flight/ freeze mode. It can weaken your immune system, and can relate to digestive problems, depression, and sleep difficulties.

Each 31-45 minute practice will address one of the 22 fears of being human, and enable you to work through them.

Using powerful Kundalini Yoga practices you will move the energy that has kept you habitually negative in thought, stuck in paralysis, or emotionally drained.

Identify the origin of your fear, how to own your own emotional state, and how to protect yourself from taking on other’s emotions.