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It’s easy for someone to look at a disabled athlete and say, “Oh wow, isn’t it amazing what they can do. Their disability hasn’t held them back from their dream”.  Imagine then, that same person was asked, “Why haven’t you started applying for med school yet?”.  They respond, “Oh well, I don’t know how I’d pay for it, and I haven’t studied hard enough for the entry exams, and my mom isn’t doing well so it wouldn’t be fair to move away from her right now, and my job keeps me too busy to focus, and I’m not even sure what school I’d want to go to because I waited so long it’s probably too late to get into my first choice”. Sounds like a disability to me.
Whether it keeps us from walking, or it keeps us from our dream job makes no difference. Those athletes didn’t let themselves get wrapped up in having to have a second leg to run that race. Imagine a one legged athlete refusing to use a prop for his other leg. In order for us to thrive we must live our dream by aligning with OUR highest potential, not that of someone else’s. We all have a disability.  All of us.  We don’t get the whole pie.  We’re given a few ingredients and it’s up to us to go shopping. Instead of pretending like we can cook without them, or simply not baking at all, we’ve got to go to the store, or go next door and ask to borrow, or find an alternative. Instead of reaching for something outside of themselves, those athletes aligned with their highest possibility. Reaching implies that we are grasping for something outside of our scope. We are capable of so much, if we would only align with it. We are profound not by how much we exert, or how hard we work, but by how well we can support what we were made for.  We can’t possibly know how magnificent that is or where it will take us.  All we can do is align.